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AWS Elastic Load Balancer(ELB)

Let’s talk about AWS basic networking! We will be introducing instances and test the web applications. Then, we will provision AWS Elastic Load balancer (ELB). ELB has 3 Types: Application, Network and Gateway Load Balancer but we will be focusing more on Application Load Balancer. Upon creation of these Application load balancer we will associate […]

AWS Auto Scaling Group (ASG)

In our previous AWS networking blog, we already created Elastic load balancer (ELB), now we want to automate the creation of Target instance using Auto Scaling Group (ASG). Creating ASG has 2 phases. First, you need to create Launch Template where we define EC2 instance as well as Security Groups. The 2nd phase is where […]


We will compare how Local and Global load balancing Works in F5 BIG-IP and AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB). For F5 BIG-IP, we will first review some Concepts and terminologies in both Local Traffic Manager (LTM) LTM and DNS (formerly known as Global Traffic Manager) then we will discuss the configuration we did from the […]