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Why learn F5 Networks?

This technology is very close to my Corazon (Heart), This is F5! It’s not the fighter jet nor the finishing move of your favorite wrestler. You won’t find any platform that can do many things such as networking, server/linux, load balancing, application controller and under security this is a mix of the DoS/DDoS protection, Web […]

F5 BIG-IP HTTP Cookies

We’re gonna talk about HTTP Cookies, sometimes we call it internet cookies or sometimes just simply cookies. So what is a cookie anyway? Is this something we eat? Popularized by as the favorite food of this high profile blue monster! Nah! Cookies are data stored in our web browser, we’re gonna talk about cookies it’s […]


We will talk about cross-site scripting (XSS) prevention basics. Take note, preventing a more advanced XSS attack is not covered in the blog. We will also introduce the advantage of using Web Application Firewall (WAF) over other web attack prevention. XSS Prevention There are many ways to prevent Cross-Site Scripting (XSS). First, Input validation – […]